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1)Pick 2-10 characters in a relationship
2) Don't change the questions
3) Let your OC's answer, not you (roleplay it if you wish)

He adds colour to my life by BlubberBooty

1. First, who are you, your age and your species?

L: My name is Liam, I am seventeen years young and I am a demon in which devours and mutilates the innocent.
B: I'm Bernard! But call me Bernie! I'm nineteen years old and I'm human!... Apart from some, well, alterations from my alien abduction ;w;

3. What makes your partner special to you?
L: His... great interest in astrology is pretty breath-taking, as well as how he can flawlessly resemble a child - as in maintaining that navie nature. And he's pretty adorable, per would assume.
B: Liam is soooo cool! He's really interesting and smart and slick and suave and oinsficanzfieng! I also really love how he speaks! He's very intellectual and well-spoken!

4. Aw that's so sweet! So, have you ever been suspicious of your partner?
L: Per cannot say that they.... Have been. Bernit is a simple creature; I wouldn't be threatened to act in such a manner of him.
B: I suppose he has... I mean, he IS a demon; and they're really tricky! But I feel like I can trust him enough, myup!

5. Lets move now...Have you used any pick-up lines with your partner? If yes, say which ones.
L: I did not use a "pick-up line", as per say. I initially assumed this critter to be a humble child in which I would devour upon the bones of; turns out that he was not. Additionally his age is two years beyond my own.
B: Nooooooo.... ;3; but now I wish I did cause it would'a been funnnnyyy eUe

6. So what's the most embarrassing moment you've shared with your partner?
L: My humiliation came beyond meeting Bernit. When I returned home, that fanciful flamingo conman mocked my efforts in soul and bone retrieving; naturally I brushed him off and collected myself by removing his liver, planting stones within and then graciously giving the man it back.
B: When I found out he was younger than me and he's so.... well just listen to the way he speaks! eAe
L: Age does not define intelligence, Bernit.

7. Oh I see...So, do you believe in sex after marriage?
L: I doubt I will ever even wed. Although one can become acquainted in marriage outside of a church; I fear religious aspects may differ me from such a tradition.
B: I uh.... sure? Heh, I've not ever thought about that before really

8. Interesting...Now do you have any sexual desires you would like to try with your partner? If yes, what is it?
L: I actually detest the idea in becoming involved with Bernit in intercourse. I find his body disturbing, I will not lie.
B: e///U///e....<'3 Eh-hee, I'm not saying anything, it's silllyyy.

9. Okay, now what really turns you on?
L: *sighs* He has a certain look in his eyes sometimes; though, in reference to my previous question, I will only go so far...
B: Hummm... well I guess biting does =//w//= and the way he talks to me too is just... unf.

10. Enough with that. So may I ask, do you know what your partners weak-point is? Does he/she know yours?
L: Bernit's weak spot is his ears - once you find them behind those hideously colourful bull horns of his. A bite or correct whisper is enough really... I assume he is aware that I enjoy... cuteness... b-but I am still not interested in his rainbow appearance.
B: Hmmm, well, Liam always claims that he hates cute and colourful things butttttttttt.... it seems otherwise when I give him "da face" ewe. And yeah, he totally knows mine TAT

11. What if you caught your partner with another man/women? Would you instantly assume that he/she is cheating on you or would you consider them friends? What would happen?
L: I would not care. I would simply move on and wish him happiness. And then proceed to speak slander and mockery behind his back, and present Bernit with false kindness. His lover, on the other hand, may be considerably more deceased.
B: I... I would lock myself in my room, watch The Notebook, and cry eAe

12. Is there any fantasy you wished for between you and your partner? We don't mind hearing perverted answers.
L: *clears his throat* of course not.... (I'll need to hide Hat before I do that; he would certainly not approve)

13. That's nice...So have you two had any fights between each other?
L: The situation here is most complex. I can become agitated at him, which is a very frequent occurance. But, I think he is accustomed with some sort of witchcraft, as with a batter of eyelashes my anger diminishes some; it is quite bizarre.
B: Hmmm, I do annoy him sometimes; but I can win him over so easily~

14. Oh, I almost forgot to ask! How did you confess to your partner? Did he/she reject your feelings or accept them immediately?
L: I did not "confess" in respect... it is strange... in a way, it just seemed to happen between us.
B: It just kinda... HAPPENED.

15. How do you feel towards your partners family members? Do you even know them?
L: His sister works at Franklin's Park, when I am on a regular basis as that demon is my partner in crime essentially. But his sister seems reasonable, in contrast to her sibling.
B: Nooo, he won't ever tell me about them no matter how much I ask!

16. Since we are on the topic of family, do you two wish to start a family together?
L: I'd think that not to be wise... I do eat the bones of children and Hat likes to feast upon their souls; children are not safe in my care. Plus, I detest children.
B: I-I'd like kids butttt... well, I don't think Liam will be a responsible father!

17. Alright, the meme is done! What will you do now?
L: I will wait patiently for another "cuddle attack" from Bernit.
B: eUe <3
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